The High Intensity Network is leading and coordinating new standards of crisis care and connectivity across the NHS, Police, Ambulance and other urgent care services, specifically for people struggling with highly intensive patterns of trauma, mental health problems and behavioural disorders.

Specifically, our teams use a multi-award winning model of care to:
- Support crisis patients struggling with the most complex and challenging behaviour to write their own care plans, whilst simultaneously empowering them towards safer and healthier lives.
- Help patients reduce risk and harm to both themselves and others.
- Reduce the chance of patients having contact with the criminal justice system (but being highly supportive if they do).
- Provide urgent care teams with high quality clinical and behavioural information, allowing them to make more clinically accurate, less reactive and more consistent decisions.
- Bring hope to patients who are struggling to see a positive future.

All of our teams are part of this network: a high intensity intervention community, allowing the transfer of vital information from one health or policing area to another, should patients cross borders.

Our teams are also supported by a variety of online tools which help them to collectively learn, develop and measure both clinical and safety outcomes.

Our work is currently funded by NHS England and supported by both the NHS Innovation Accelerator and the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) National Programme.

We work with key government organisations such as the Home Office, the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC), the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Service (HMICFRS) and the Association for Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE).

We are an 'NHS70' innovation and winner of 4 national mental health awards for 'Integrated Care', 'Patient Safety' and 'Mental Health'. We have also been recognised for our contribution towards 'Supporting Clinical Care', 'Improving Partnership Working' and 'Managing Long Term Conditions'.

We are also working alongside NHS Digital to support the roll out of the National Record Locator across various 'Health and Justice' teams.

Our work supports key objectives and values of the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health, the NHS Long Term Plan and the NHS Constitution.

We are currently working with 32 of the 57 Mental Health Trusts and 26 of the 43 Police Forces across England and Wales. Together, we are in the process of launching over 50 high intensity intervention teams - all digitally connected - from Carlisle in the north to Plymouth in the South.

Patient and Practitioner Safety drives everything we do. Designed by a high intensity service user and former police officer, our SIM intervention has 34 separate strands of quality and safety built into our methodology, ensuring that our front line decisions are well thought through, that our risk management teams use sound reflective practices, our service users are supported and empowered and that we adhere to the strategic recommendations of key professional bodies.

Now in our 7th year of development, we are confident you will not find a safer high intensity intervention anywhere in the world. As such, we now offer ongoing support to police & mental health teams in the Netherlands, the USA, New Zealand, Sweden and Denmark.

We strongly believe that all urgent care services for mental health crisis are: Safer:Together.

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Recognition for our work includes...

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