Getting started with the High Intensity Network

1. Business Case

Ask us to visit your Trust/Team/Force to explain the SIM model of care and the High Intensity Network. If you are an international team, then we can video conference you using our inbuilt webinar service.

2. Setting Up

We provide all the project governance documents in one National Document Pack, saving you hundreds of hours of work.


We supply you with a 'GDPR Compliance Pack' as well as legal advice to give you the operational confidence to launch. All documents have been written with Capsticks, one of the UK's leading Health and Social Care IG legal firms.

4. Gathering Data

We guide you through how all the teams on the network gather the same key data metrics. We gather data from all teams every quarter.

5. Planning Launch

We guide you through all the essential jobs you will need to complete as you prepare to go live.

6. Selecting Staff

Selection of staff is paramount to success because not everyone can do this role. We have developed a national selection process to help you find your best candidates. We also provide Job Descriptions and an Interview Process.

7. Briefing Teams

We help you to brief the teams where the project will operate, so that staff understand the project objectives and how we can improve outcomes for everyone.

8. Training Week

Once selected, your team members will receive the national 3 day High Intensity Mentoring Course.

9. Launching and Connecting!

You now launch your team and we connect you to the national network and its online resources.

The High Intensity Network works with: