Getting started with the High Intensity Network

1. Present

Ask us to visit your Trust/Team/Force to explain the SIM model of care and the High Intensity Network. If you are an international team, then we can video conference you using our inbuilt webinar service.

2. Set Up

Once you have decided to set up a team, we then help you plan the 3 months of work it takes to set up a team.

We then provide you with a library of standardised governance documents you will need to set up and guide you through any changes you want to make. For international teams, these changes maybe more extensive.

We then guide you through what is required to gather and record your project data. We start to identify the first cohort of service users who need more support and we ask for a minimum set of data to be gathered that will feed our National Data Set Project.

We then help you to plan the crucial final weeks before the ‘Go Live’ date, making sure every minor detail is arranged for a sound and reliable launch.

We then work with the police team to find exactly the right police officer(s) that your team will need, using our national recruitment/selection templates.

We then visit and brief the mental health staff where the officers will work so that they understand and feel comfortable with the project objectives and welcome the officers into the team.

The officer(s) will then come to the Isle of Wight for a 3-day period of shadowing and training and then will return to their home team. We will then run a specialist course to bring the mental health and police staff together as one cohesive team, immediately prior to launch.

At the point of launch we provide all trained staff with personalised access to the online portal.

The High Intensity Network is supported by:

Wessex AHSN
LEPH 2018
Wessex International Healthcare Consortium
Health Education England
UCL Partners