How does the training work?


Every High Intensity Team that we help set up is trained in the same way so that we can build and evolve one nationally approved package of high intensity support and care. Each individual frontline practitioner working within the network is given a secure online account and then works through the national course in modules from their own personalised dashboard. They can complete each module at their own speed, record their own notes and reflections and save their work. Every module is taught by video in short, memorable lessons. We also require each practitioner to pass an online knowledge check for each module and give online support where necessary. Each year we will record new course material which will be written from the ongoing feedback that we receive. There are 6 core training subjects: MENTAL HEALTH – MANAGING RISK – MENTORING – STAYING SAFE – LEGAL POWERS - DATA & ADMIN.


Our portal is currently being assessed for CPD accreditation. CPD is an organisation in the UK that works for over 1400 international organisations (including several within the policing and heath care sectors). CPD accreditation means that the course design is fundamentally focussed on the learning journey, not just the factual content. CPD accreditation also means that our course can be used by international teams as the network grows.

On the go

Our portal is designed so that it can be used on both office PCs or on mobile tablets. We encourage all teams to supply their practitioners with personal issue tablets so that they can access the training content any time they need a quick refresher.

Plans for the future

We are currently applying for funds to build a CASE TRACKER functionality. This will enable all cases being managed across the entire Network to be profiled online so that practitioners in one part of the world can view the core characteristics, problems and progress in any other case around the world. Practitioners can then contact the mentors managing that case to compare methodology and ideas. The CASE TRACKER will also make it easy for each team to load the data that we require them to gather for our National Data Set Project. If successful this will launch in early 2018.

The High Intensity Network is supported by:

Wessex AHSN
LEPH 2018
Wessex International Healthcare Consortium
Health Education England
UCL Partners