How does the training work?

High Intensity Mentoring Course

Every new High Intensity Team that we help set up, is trained in the same way so that we can build and evolve one nationally approved package of high intensity support. 

Our training programme begins when all staff who will be providing direct care to service users and a number of staff from around the urgent care system attend our 3 day/21 hour CPD course. 
We also encourage line managers, NHS consultants, people with lived experience and staff working in the 3rd Sector to attend. 

We also welcome emergency front line responders and any other staff from similar 'Health and Justice' teams, such as 'Street Triage' or 'Liaison and Diversion'.

Online courses

Once a student has completed their 3 day course, they are immediately given online access to their own training dashboard where they will be able to complete further study in the core knowledge behind their role. A lot of the online content will reinforce the knowledge and skills learnt on the 3 day course. The course is modular with each module providing an informal, video based discussion from which the student is asked to complete some simple reflective practice content. 

Course 1 was launched in January 2019
Course 2 was launched in April 2019
Course 3 will launch in 2020

Online courses are clinically led by Dr Lorraine Bell from Solent NHS Trust. Lorraine is the author of: 'Managing Intense Emotions and Overcoming Self-Destructive Habits: A Self-Help Manual'

Support visits for every team

Once the team has established itself, we then start to visit them every 6 months.

During our visits, we do three things:

1. We meet and brief senior leaders within the local mental health crisis care network to update them on the team's work and progress. 

2. We then spend the rest of the day with our mentors where we complete the complete our 'National Quality Assessment'. This reviews how the teams are operating in 11 different areas of their work. 

3. We also help them to review specific cases that have either worked well or are continuing to pose particular challenges. 

As a result of these visits, we often connect different teams from across the network, so that one team can learn from the previous experiences of another.

Digital Case Management Portal

In March 2020 we launched our digital case management portal that will help our high intensity intervention teams manage their local programme and patients, including: 


Teams will be able to collect demand data for individual patients, choosing from over 25 different units of demand. In addition, teams will be able to input their own local service costs to build highly accurate costs graphs for each patient.


They will be able to access a full network directory of teams for improved cross border case management. 


Teams will have access to an online self assessment tool which will allow them to internally assess and score the progress that they are making using 11 performance measurements.


Teams will also be able to find other teams on the network who have operational experience of managing specific crisis behaviours, by using our Behaviour Search Dashboard.


Teams continuously record both statistical and quality of care data for each patient and can then, at the touch of a button populate, save and print a report for their patient.

These tools have been designed to support any high intensity team, not just teams using the SIM model of care. 

Independent teams will be be to access the digital portal but retain their own intervention methodology.

The High Intensity Network works with: