Webinar Programme


Date: 29/01/18   


Are you a member of staff from an organisation who is not connected to the Network?
Are you supporting a loved one who is struggling with repetitive and risky crisis behaviours?
Are you outside the UK and want to know more?
Are you a student, researcher or journalist and want to know more?
To arrange your own webinar conversation, please email: paul@highintensitynetwork.org

**PLEASE NOTE: Network staff support local, clinical teams to develop excellent standards of high intensity care but our webinars are led by non-clinical staff so we cannot arrange webinars with individual service users to discuss their own care. If you are a service user and your organisation is not connected to the network (Our NEWS feed regularly publishes updated network maps), then please contact your NHS Trust and ask them to make contact with us.

The High Intensity Network is supported by:

Wessex AHSN
LEPH 2018
Wessex International Healthcare Consortium
Health Education England
UCL Partners